Mathematics Teachers Association

October Conference 2014 | C.P. Allen | MTA Executive welcomes new members!

Conference is Oct 24th at CP Allen School in Bedford, NS

Registration closes Oct. 10th. 

MTA Conference email address for inquiries, comments:


Back by popular demand at the 2014 MTA conference:

1.  NCTM Books for sale - cash or cheque only.  Big selection on everything mathematics related. Here is a sample of what will be offered:

Showcasing Mathematics for the Young Child

I Love Math Pencils

Cartoon Corner 10

Ratios, Proportions, and Proportional Reasoning

Rich and Engaging Mathematical Tasks: Grades 5-9

The Peak in the Middle: Developing Mathematically

Models of Intervention in Mathematics: Reweaving

Algebraic Thinking for Teaching Mathematics

Adding Math, Subtracting Tension: A Guide

The Elementary Mathematics Specialist’s Handbook

Cartoon Corner 2

I DO MATH Tote Bag

Putting Essential Understanding of Fractions

Principles to Actions


2.  The Amazing Mathematical Race:

The MTA is pleased to once again offer you the opportunity to participate in the Amazing Mathematical Race!  Yep…just like the CBS hit show “The Amazing Race” there will be teams, pit stops, road blocks, fast forwards, clues and challenges.  Have fun working with a partner while enjoying the math challenges that take you to the finish line.

The first Amazing Mathematical Race was held in 2009 at Northern Kentucky University in recognition of Math Awareness Month. The goals of this first Amazing Mathematical Race were twofold: to hold an activity that featured mathematics in a fun and exciting environment and to highlight this fun environment for people who are typically wary of mathematics.

Bethany Noblitt, a professor of Mathematics Education at Northern Kentucky University and designer (along with her colleague Brooke Buckley) of the Amazing Mathematical Race, has agreed to come to Nova Scotia to help us carry out our very own version of the game. 

The challenges will be planned so that everyone (P- 12) will be able to participate and have fun.  Learn how to design and set up your own amazing race for your students.  Information and handouts on all of the challenges will be given out at the end of the session in electronic form so bring a USB flash drive.

Pick your partner(make sure you both sign up to the same session  A, B or C) and come prepared for a fun and interactive way to learn and do mathematics. The NS MTA Amazing Mathematical Race; where you will actually take part in the race and learn about logistics for its implementation!  Space is limited, so sign up early for this exciting session.

Bethany Noblitt is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Northern Kentucky University (NKU).  She teaches courses in mathematics for elementary, middle grades and secondary pre-service teachers, along with number theory for mathematics majors.  Bethany is a co-sponsor of the Math and Stats Club at NKU, the club that held the very first Amazing Mathematical Race in 2009.  She helped to organize the Math and Stats Club Inaugural Pi-Miler, a run/walk of (approximately) pi miles that made its way through the campus of NKU. When not dreaming up fun new events for the Math and Stats Club, Bethany enjoys exploring mathematics by herself, with her colleagues and with her students. She has also served on the executive boards of the Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Northern Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics, as well as on the Affiliate Services Committee of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.