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The LaJune Naud Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching

The LaJune Naud Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching was first announced in October 1987, at the annual conference of the Nova Scotia Mathematics Teachers Association. This prestigious award has since been presented annually at the NSMTA conference to a Nova Scotia teacher, Primary through grade 12, who exemplifies characteristics of excellence in teaching Mathematics. The nominees and award winners are educators indentified by their peers as effective mathematics teachers.

The award is named in honour of LaJune Naud, of Halifax, a former Director of Curriculum for the Nova Scotia Department of Education who is currently teaching in the Department of Education at Mount Saint Vincent University. Throughout the past 25 years, LaJune has had a tremendous influence on the direction of mathematics education in Nova Scotia. In September 1969, LaJune began teaching mathematics at Queen Elizabeth High, Halifax, where she became Head of the Department and began several curriculum initiatives: honours mathematics courses, computer uses in mathematics, and the development of independent study units for academic math courses.

In 1975, LaJune was appointed the first mathematics consultant for the Nova Scotia Department of Education, and in 1983, she became the director of curriculum for the province of Nova Scotia. During her tenure at the department, she accomplished many good things for education in Nova Scotia, and while her responsibility later became the total curriculum of Nova Scotia, her love for teaching, learning, and doing mathematics has always prevailed. The NSMTA is delighted to honour mathematics teachers with the LaJune Naud Award and it is very proud that LaJune's name is on each of the awards presented. It is an honour to be recognized by your peers with a nomination for this award.

In 1988, at the MTA annual conference, theLaJune Naud Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching was presented for the first time jointly to Georgina Kelly, Parkview Education Centre, and to Roberta McKean, West Pictou Consolidated Elementary. Each recipient of this award has been honoured with a "small take home" plaque, their name is inscribed on MTA's large winner's plaque which stays with the award recipient for a year, and the gift of a cash award. At the annual meeting of the MTA in 1991, George Kehoe recommended that the winner also recieve a keeper plaque to remain in the recipient's school. During late 1995 and early 1996, the MTA acted upon this recommendation by having a local MTA representative or designate present a school plaque to all previous award winners in the school requested by the honouree. A list of all recipients of this prestigious award follows.

1988 - Georgina Kelly and Roberta MacKean
1989 - George Kehoe
1990 - Gwen Sheppard
1991 - Richard MacKinnon
1992 - Linda Wheadon
1993 - Rita Guilfoyle
1994 - David DeCoste
1995 - Marie Casey
1996 - Joe Fisher
1997 - Brenda MacKellar
1998 - Eileen Millett
1999 - Susan Wilkie
2000 - Florence Roach
2001 - Chris Hamilton
2002 - Sharon Henderson
2003 - Donna Osmond